The Mission

To build an online legal services and legal education platform breaking down all financial, cultural and educational barriers, empowering all South African Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to start, grow and thrive in Business with strong legal foundations.

The Vission

As an online platform, to impact 150 000 Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through legal education and legal services by making the legal side of online business EASY to understand, EASY to implement and most importantly AFFORDABLE from start-up to booming business.

About Louis

Managing Director

About AJ

Legal Director

About Martin

Creative Content Director

Why around the Braai?

We are South African, and our Clients are South African, and South Africans Braai!  So it is a unifying cultural activity. And face it; All great entrepreneurial ideas are born around the fire.  

And of course we love having fun while creating valuable content, educating our community and growing our online Business.

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Why help South African Businesses on the legal front?

We believe wholeheartedly that it is the Entrepreneur, the Small Business Owner who is turning the South African economy around.  Nothing worth having comes easy. But as South Africans, we are hungry to make a difference, to take the responsibility into our own hands to make a success of this country.

HAve any questions?

Feel free to contact us by completing this form. We also appreciate any feedback helping us improve and better serve our community.