Copyright is Intellectual Property (IP) protection that vests automatically. As an Entrepreneur, you don’t have to do anything and your works are protected. BUT social media is like the Wild Wild West. Many entrepreneurs have been the victims of Copyright infringement. And that is because it’s so easy to steal intellectual property on these unregulated platforms.

Check out our Copyright Fundamentals video for more about:

  1. The definition of Copyright
  2. Which categories of work are eligible for Copyright protection
  3. Copyright vests automatically but under which conditions
  4. The difference between the Owner and the Author in terms of Copyright

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Copyright Infringement Stories

We’ve had the opportunity to interview quite a few people. And in the process, we’ve gathered some stories to explain Copyright infringement. So check out the video for these stories:

  • Dozi (who doesn’t need any introduction)
  • John-Henry Opperman, the owner of the production company, The Media Farm 
  • Our Creative Content Director, Martin de Kock, the owner of MDKafrica, with many years experience in the mainstream media 

Copyright Assignment

Firstly, copyright assignment means that you physically give away your ownership of copyright. It’s the same as if someone were to buy your car. They would buy it, take it, and drive off. This agreement has to be in writing, and you lose your rights.

Copyright Licensing

In contrast, copyright licensing is where you license your rights in your work, to be used by someone else. But the creator is still the owner of the copyright. For example, in Dozi’s story, Blackie gave Dozi permission to use the music of his song to write it into Zulu. This is an implied royalty-free license. But Blackie is still the owner of the copyright.

Licensing Agreement

John-Henry’s story is an excellent example of using a licensing agreement. He’s licensing his product to broadcasters WITHOUT giving away ownership. Also, he can license his product to multiple broadcasters.

Copyright Infringement

Finally, Martin’s story is an example of copyright infringement. He created an image and he posted it on social media. Others’ then used the image for their own benefit without Martin’s permission.

In certain instances, you are excused from infringing someone else’s copyright . For example, there is a shootout in front of a McDonald’s. So a news reporter uses some footage and there is a McDonald’s logo in the background. The reporter didn’t ask permission to use the logo but it’s excused because they had to air the news story. This is called fair dealing.

Remember, if you are taking someone else’s copyright, you are committing a civil offense. In other words, you could be sued for damages. But it is also a criminal offense and you could go to jail.

Do You Need a Copyright Assignment?

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Want to know more about what Copyright is? Then check out our Copyright Fundamentals video and the CIPC copyright page.

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