Entrepreneur Interview with Kai Casson from FireFly Biofuel

We take a look at what goes on behind the scenes of an innovative South African Small Business. We’re joined by Kai Casson, the Co-Founder, Managing Director and all round Technical Genius behind FireFly Biofuel. They produce the FireSpark, the world’s first firelighter made from recycled Coffee!

The FireSpark might seem more expensive but provides maximum bang for your buck! One FireSpark = one fire. That means minimum five fires from a box.

We discuss how the FireSpark was under attack by a 3rd party claiming IP Rights over the product. All this during the critical phase of negotiations with a huge South African distributor! Kai adds that as a Small Business, it is critical to get your Intellectual Property protected as best as you can. It might seem expensive but it’s nowhere near as expensive as losing your monopoly or coming under attack.

AJ explains why it is critical that you file your Patent before disclosing your invention to the public. First Patent, then Launch! There are also possible opportunities for subsequent Patent filing as you further develop your manufacturing processes and as your product evolves.

Kai shares some tips in starting a Small Business in South Africa and reminds us that it is not easy, but definitively worth it if you can stick to it.

If you would like to get in touch with Kai to:

  • Buy the FireSpark
  • Become a distributor of the FireSpark
  • Arrange disposal of your coffee waste

You can get in touch by checking out www.fireflybiofuel.com or email at: info@fireflybiofuel.com

Are you ready File your Patent?

Or if you have any questions or require some assistance with Infringement Assessments or Patent Litigation, feel free to get in touch at: info@ipbraai.co.za

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