Your greatest Asset

…is your Intellectual Property (IP), the creations of your mind, your ideas, inventions, literary and artistic works, your unique designs.  To extract potential gains from these creations, officially declare your ownership by registering your IP. This kind of registration may seem expensive, especially for the Start-up Business.  However, it’s far more costly to lose your monopoly or reputation and having your competitors blatantly copy what you’ve worked so hard to build. Registered IP is an asset but unlike a bakkie, it increases in value as your Business grows.

Distinguish your Business or Product from the competition, claim your monopoly, let us guide you on your Intellectual Property (IP) journey.

Protect your novel idea, your invention

Protect your brand, reputation and goodwill

Protect the unique aesthetics or function of your product

Protect your original work in material form

Are you unsure?

Don’t know what kind of Intellectual Property protection is right for your Business or Product?