Your Trade Mark...

…one of the first steps in the IP Roadmap and an essential part of your Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. But why would you need a Trade Mark? Well, you’re working so hard to grow your brand and build your reputation in the community. Wouldn’t you want to protect it from being closely or exactly copied or used by someone else? The quickest and easiest way to protect your brand and reputation is to register your Trade Mark. And the best part? You don’t need an attorney to do this, you can legally Do-It-Yourself!!

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Trade Mark Registration

Step-by-step instructions

Course style video instructions from login to certificate of grant

Never wonder what to do next

Expert advice and practical guidance, we'll hold your hand every step of the way

No surprise legal bills

Know all charges upfront including fixed low rates if you need our personal touch

Duration: 12 - 18 Months

Estimated duration dependent on the CIPC process


Per month

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We’re here to help

We know most startup businesses simply do not have the budget for the high prices charged by big legal firms. You can legally register your Trade Mark on your own but if you get stuck in the middle of the process, you’ll probably receive a highly inflated legal bill to get you out of this tight spot. We hate to see that happen! In fact, IP Braai was born to make legal services and legal education accessible and affordable to ALL South African Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

The Process:

Step1: Start here

  • Receive guidance and advice on choosing your Trade Mark
  • Register your own online account at CIPC
  • Conduct your own free online Trade Mark Search
  • Request your own Special Search by CIPC (optional)
  • File your own Trade Mark (Word Mark and/or Logo)

Step2: Examination

  • Within 6-12 Months, receive the Registrar’s Examination Report
  • We’ll help you understand the outcome and next steps required:
    • Scenario 1: Unconditional acceptance, Oh-yeah! Continue to the next phase.
    • Scenario 2: Specific requirements set by the Registrar, we’ll guide you to fulfill them**
    • Scenario 3: Provisional refusal, we’ll guide you on a case-by-case basis**

Step3: Opposition

  • Receive the Notice of Acceptance from the Registrar once in compliance
  • Publish your Trade Mark in the Patents and Trade Mark Journal
  • A compulsory 3 Month opposition term follows to allow for 3rd party opposition
    • Scenario 1: There is no opposition, Booyah!  Continue to the next phase
    • Scenario 2: A 3rd party opposition is lodged, we’ll guide you on a case-by-case basis**

Step4: Certification of Grant

  • Receive the certificate of grant via registered mail
  • Follow up with CIPC if your certificate is not delivered, and so can we**
  • Congratulations, you have registered your own Trade Mark!
  • Now you have the skills to register as many Trade Marks as your business requires!
  • The total DIY Trade Mark subscription period is around 12-18 Months (CIPC dependent)

**The IP Braai fees only apply when you opt not to do the respective step yourself or need our personal touch.

Please see the Fees Guide below.

Our Clients Say

Home_Testimonial_Slide 1
Firefly Biofuel
Kai Casson

We would like to give a special Thank You to IP Braai. They came riding to our rescue when our company was under attack in terms of Intellectual Property. The best legal representative that any company can ask for and the advice already received is considered GOLD.
We would recommend IP Braai to anyone already in business or thinking about starting a business to go to IP Braai from start to finish. They are super friendly but when it came down to business, the best team to have on your side. Well done IP Braai! You have made supporters for life out of FireFly Biofuel!

Home_Testimonial_Slide 2
Blikbeker Kompos
Richard Voges
Blikbeker Kompos

Van die begin af het ek regtig 'n goeie ervaring en diens van Louis en IP Braai ontvang. Ek wou my eie handelsmerk registreer om kostes te bespaar en IP Braai se “DIY Trade Mark Registration” het dit vir my moontlik gemaak om die wette en regulasies agter dit te verstaan. Met vriendelikheid en geduld was Louis altyd hulpvaardig met sy kennis in die veld.
IP Braai hou by hulle woord, bekostigbaar en behulpsaam is hul ervaring en kennis maklik verkrygbaar op gewilde sosiale platvorms. Vir die klein entrepreneur soos ek in Suid-Afrika sal ek IP Braai definitief aanbeveel. Hulle verstaan dat klein besighede soos myne dikwels beperkte kapitaal het om groei aan te dryf.

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Frequently asked questions

Perhaps 12 – 18 Months sounds like a big commitment. Or maybe you want some assurance that this will work for you, before you subscribe. Well, if you already have a business or product name you would like to register as a Trade Mark, you can do your own free Trade Mark search to check if your business or product name is still available, by following 3 easy steps. Or learn more about Trade Mark fundamentals.

The material is divided into lessons so we can guide you every step of the way. Every lesson also includes a comment section where you can ask lesson specific questions. Your subscription includes a personal 30 min consultation with a registered IP Attorney to address any specific questions you might have. As a subscriber you also enjoy exclusive access to the private Facebook Group where the IP Braai community can share ideas, answer questions and provide advice. And, you can upgrade to the Done-For-You Trade Mark Registration at any time should you decide that DIY Trade Mark Registration is not for you and you prefer that we register your Trade Mark for you.

Maybe you have more than one business or you have more than one product name you would like to register as Trade Marks. Perhaps you would like to register your business name as well as your logo. Well, you may register as many business or product names, slogans or logos as you want. Remember you are not buying a Trade Mark from us, you are buying the know-how to do the job yourself! So once you know how, you only pay the official CIPC fee 1 and the sky’s the limit. Just remember you can only register your own Trade Mark. You cannot register a Trade Mark for someone else as this can only be done by a practicing attorney.

If you can watch videos on YouTube or Facebook, you will be able to follow the DIY Trade Mark registration process.

Basic computer skills are required – if you can do a Google search, send an email with an attachment and watch a YouTube video, you have the skills to follow the process. In terms of Trade Mark knowledge, you can learn more about Trade Mark fundamentals.

CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) is a statutory body within the public administration and is the only way to register a Trade Mark whether you use a big law firm, or do it yourself. Some of the main functions of CIPC are the registration of companies, co-operatives and Intellectual Property (IP) Rights such as Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Copyright as well as the maintenance thereof.

We know legal fee structures get very complicated and you often feel mislead. This is why we keep it as simple and transparent as possible. You only pay the monthly subscription of R95 pm to gain the know-how to register your own Trade Mark(s), except in the following cases and depending how you wish to proceed – you remain in control:

  • If the Registrar does not accept your Trade Mark application unconditionally and you wish to apply for a hearing to prosecute 2,
  • Or if a 3rd party opposes your Trade Mark application and you decide to litigate against the opposition 3.

Please see the fees guide below for more detail or get in touch by completing the contact form.

Yes! If at any time you feel that this subscription is not adding value to your business, you can cancel it, no questions asked.

If you have been using your business or product name for a long time and it is important that you keep it, we might be able to assist in contesting the registered Trade Mark. If you are in the business startup phase, and you have the opportunity to change your business or product name, we’ll guide you in choosing a name you can Trade Mark. For some piece of mind, you can do your own free Trade Mark search to check if your business or product name is still available by following 3 easy steps.

Yes! You determine how fast you proceed through the instructional videos. You can choose to watch one video a week or to watch the whole first module in one sitting. Once your Trade Mark application has been submitted, you will however have to wait for the CIPC process. The CIPC service turnaround times are available on the CIPC website.

No, unfortunately not. When you subscribe for the DIY Trade Mark Registration, you are not buying a Trade Mark from us, you are buying the know-how to do the job yourself! Together with this know-how, we also provide practical advice and guidance from a registered IP Attorney not to mention all the other added benefits.

Trade Mark registration is dependent on the CIPC process whether you follow the DIY Trade Mark Registration route or the Done For You Trade Mark Registration route. The CIPC service turnaround times are available on the CIPC website.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us by completing the form below.

Are you ready?

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You’re just in time, sign up today and grab this special offer! 

Fees Guide

Following the DIY Trade Mark registration process, you will pay the CIPC official fees directly to CIPC as you proceed through the process. The CIPC fee structure is completely out of our hands and may change from time to time.

The IP Braai fees are fixed and discounted for DIY subscribers and only apply in the following instances:

  • You require us to do a respective step(s) for you
  • If you wish to litigate against an opposition 2
  • If you wish to apply for a hearing to prosecute 1
  • Or if you require additional private consultations 3
CIPC Official Fees IP Braai Fixed Fees*

Step 1: Trade Mark Application

Basic Trade Mark search



Comprehensive Trade Mark search

R9 - R265

R1250 per class

Trade Mark application



The same Trade Mark in an additional class



Additional Trade Mark in the same class



Step 2: Trade Mark Prosecution (only if required)

Considering and reporting on an official action



Entering an Association (per mark)



Entering a Disclaimer Admission / other endorsement (per mark)



Prosecution (required only if you applied for a hearing) 1

R2500 / hour

Obtaining an Extension of prosecution term (per mark)



Step 3: Opposition

Publish in the Patents and Trade Mark Journal



Litigation (required only to overcome an opposition) 2

R2500 / hour

Step 4: Certification of Grant

Receive, verify and dispatch Certificate of Grant



Personal Consultation (if and when required)

First 30 minute consultation


Additional consultation 3

R650 / 15min

*All IP Braai fees are indicated excluding VAT.

HAve any questions?

Check out the DIY Trade Mark FAQs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us by completing the form below.

We also appreciate any feedback helping us improve and better serve our community.