Expanding Into Africa With PCT National Phase Patents In South Africa

Do you want to expand your business into Africa? Are you assisting your clients to do so? Start by filing your Patents in South Africa with IP Braai.

Want more information on PCT National Phase Patent filing in South Africa? Ready to file yours?

Who Is IP Braai?

Based in South Africa, we are ready and geared to file your patents in South Africa. Plus we also facilitate patent renewals.

South Africans love to Braai. It is so deeply rooted in our culture, that we chose our company name as IP Braai. All in the name of making the legal side of business much more approachable and accessible. We do this by combining the South African Braai with Intellectual Property (IP) and Commercial Law. In order to explain these legal topics – in a conversation, amongst friends, around a fire.

How IP Braai Assists International Clients

In-house, we have the qualifications, the skills, and the expertise to facilitate your Patent filings and renewals in South Africa. We do this with utmost professionalism and passion, the same passion we have for the South African Braai.

Our Legal Director is a South African Patent Attorney. And to become a patent attorney in South Africa, you first need a technical qualification and then to be admitted as a practising attorney. You also need to successfully pass the patent examinations. These examinations are set by other patent attorneys.

Since we follow a lean and agile business model, we can offer very competitive rates for individual Patent filings and renewals. With bulk filings and renewals attracting an exceedingly special discount. We believe in a simple pricing structure. No frills, no fuss, and no hidden fees.

Why You Need a South African Patent Attorney

Even though South Africa is the economic gateway into Africa, it has not acceded to any regional patent filing systems such as.

  • ARIPO (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization), or
  • OAPI (Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle).

Therefore, you have to approach a South African Patent Attorney. And that is why IP Braai is the perfect partner to protect your Intellectual Property in South Africa. You don’t even have to go to a local agent. Any individual, any business, or any law firm can work with us directly.  We are fully online plus we only use trusted payment methods.

So if you want to expand your business into Africa, or you are helping your clients to do so – start with South Africa and start by protecting your Intellectual Property. IP Braai has the qualifications, the experience, the skill, and the passion to facilitate your South African patent filing or renewal – for you.

Want more information on PCT National Phase Patent filing in South Africa? Ready to file yours?

P.S. We can also assist with Trade Mark and Design filing and renewals in South Africa.

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