Did you know you can do it yourself for under R300?

Registering your own simple Company is as easy as following these 6 steps on the CIPC eServices website. We show you the whole process we followed to register IP Braai (Pty) Ltd.

The 6 simple Steps using the CIPC eServices website:

  • Step1: Company name search
  • Step2: Register your account at CIPC
  • Step3: Log in with your new account
  • Step4: Transfer funds for step 5 & 6
  • Step5: Company name reservation
  • Step6: File company registration

Remember to do your own Free Trade Mark Search, before registering your Company name, to make sure you will not be infringing on anyone’s existing rights.

There are many options for Domain Name registration, here are a few:

If you require any further assistance with Company registration or Domain Name registration, feel free to get in touch with us at: info@ipbraai.co.za

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