Protect the Unique Aesthetics or Function of your Product

Even though the underlying operation of your product may not be novel, a new appearance can be protected by a South African Registered Design. To protect your novel idea from being copied by someone else, you would Patent that idea. But if you improve or modify an idea known to the world, you would register a Design. You would register an Aesthetic Design to protect the appearance of your product solely judged by the eye, or a Functional Design to protect the configuration of your product necessitated by its function.

In this Episode we cover the following:

  • The different categories of Registered Designs
  • The key differences between a Patent and a Design
  • Why an Entrepreneur should register his/her Design

Are you ready to Register Your Design?

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P.S. If you would like to know more about South African Patents, check out our post about Patent Fundamentals.

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